Origin: Düsseldorf

Genre: Soul, Pop, Jazz, Hip-Hop

Years Active: 2012 - Present

Label: Independent

MAXX is power, emotion, and a floating trip of music.

Soul meets pop, get's in touch with Hip-Hop and Jazz elements, sometimes taking a trip to oriental based music. Whoever has been on a concert of her, knows it completly blows you off your feet.

MAXX delivers natural, strong sounds, fun, strength and a groove that will make you move. Her voluminous voice combined with her thoughtful lyrics melt together with her arrangements, that take you back to the roots of your passion.


On Stage with


Ivy Quainoo

Michael Bolton

Albert Hammond

Il Volo

Helmut Lotti

Monika Martin

Franziska Wiese

Emilia Mitiku

Robert Matt

Jeanette Biedermann 




Goldene Henne 2019

Euro Vision Songcontest 2018 Vorentscheid Deutschland

Several Shows  - Carmen Nebel Show (ZDF)

05.12.2016 - Tierschutzgala Friedrichstadtpalast

10.12.2016 - Schlager des Jahres (MDR)

Tag der deutschen Einheit Brandenburger Tor Hit Radio RTL 104.6 Bühne

Products of Lust live recording Session

Musikvideo "Keine Angst" - CASPER